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Maintenance and Repair

We all want a home that feels safe and secure! Our homes are an extension of ourselves and by taking care of our homes we indirectly take care of ourselves. With the recent lock-downs from COVID-19 you might have seen areas in your home that needs maintenance or repair. Instead of having the worries about it just by yourself, why not contact us and see how we can help you.

“Our years of experience can save you time and money while getting the job done to your satisfaction!”

As a responsible home owner you might be following a maintenance schedule for the upkeep of your home. Even if you don’t, our services to you include home maintenance/repair services for various parts of your home (interior and exterior). You can save yourself a lot of money by upkeep and preventing of breakdowns on your home. One way of achieving this is through inspection, annual or monthly inspections of your roofs, exterior walls, pipes.

Every home has long term health and with a home maintenance checklist, it can guide you to see how you can ultimately save money(identifying areas that needs maintenance) all the while having a good looking home that can only increase in value when you maintain it.

Exterior maintenance to check for are: fences, driveways, patios, gutters, roofs, boards, garage, windows screens and frames just to name a few. Repair can involve paining, scraping and fixing of wood/panels, or concrete depending on the type of maintenance, whether it is urgent (emergencies) or periodic(annual).

Interior home maintenance will have a direct effect on your comfort and safety. By maintaining your equipment inside your home, h-vac, fire-alarms, windows and doors you save money in the long-run all the while securing your home for a more comfortable life.
With home values in play when it comes to home maintenance, feel free to contact us where we can use our years of experience to assist you with work and with problem resolution.

Participation in home maintenance can results in dollars saved over the longer time period that improves your homes value in the end. Now that we have your attention, please feel free to discuss your thoughts and work projects by getting in touch with us.

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